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Free Arrestling™ International DT Training Groups

Non-Profit, No Fee, Free Weekly DT Training Worldwide

Law Enforcement Only

What’s an Arrestling Defensive Tactics Training Group?

It’s a place Law Enforcement Professionals including , International, Federal, State, County, City and Tribal Police and Corrections Officers can train weekly for FREE! The Instructors/Coaches volunteer 1000 of hours every year to keep you safe on the street. That’s right all you have to do is show up and check your EGO at the door.


Washington / Idaho Arrestling Groups Locations

Tri City Arrestling Group

Locations: West Richland Police Dept
Days: Sundays at 1500 hrs
Contact: Duane Olsen Click here to email

Idaho Academy Arrestling Group

Times: 0800-0930 hrs
Days: Saturday mornings
Location: Idaho P.O.S.T. Academy located at 700 S. Stratford, Meridian, Idaho
Contact: Sgt Tracy Basterrechea # 208-859-9956 or Click here to email


International Arrestling Groups Locations

France Arrestling Group – Polis Pankration Police and L.E.O.

This Mixed Marshal Arts Group training includes Ten-Ryu Karate, Kyokushin-Budokai, Ju-Jitsu, Kick Boxing, Modern Pancrase and Combat Sambo.
Location: Villeneuve-Loubetv, on the French Riviera between Nice and Cannes
Group Leader : Bricnet Lionel “Tora” Shihan Email: tora@makoto-shi-kon.com

Phillipine Arrestling Group – Armas y Mano Martial Arts

Home of Law Enforcement Officers from Phillipines National Police (PNP), PNP Special Action Force, National Bureau of Investigations and Bureau of Jail Management and Penology
Location: Block 11, Lot 23 Sto. Nino Village Putik, Zamboanga City, Phillipines
Dojo: Armas y Mano Martial Arts
Group Leader : Tomas Montojo Jr. Email: amma_tigertom@yahoo.com
Phone: 992-2577

Russian Police Academy – Arrestling Group

Location: Sakhalin Island

Some of the groups have fewer than 10, others have up to 100 students !

The Techniques and Tactics are street tested.
If you don’t believe it – Step on the mat for a free demo!
Some of the Arrestling skills they practice are:
The 12 week Certified Basic Program to Advanced Level Ground Survival,
Weapon Retention, Takedowns, Baton, Handcuffing, Striking Standing and on the Ground.


A Tonasket Officer used Arrestling in an arrest the other day against an active assault with a bat suspect . This is one of the agencies that I was telling you about that had no DT of any kind since the academy. Sounds like it was very clean and by the book, no injury to either, and suspect gave up instantly.

It was dark and he could hardly see the subjects on the ground fighting, had several witnesses yelling that the guy on top started it, and still something about a bat. The officer started verbal commands, and the suspect got off the victim, and was approaching the officer, but due to the darkness the officer couldn’t see if he still had any weapons or not so drew his side arm, and gave more commands to get down, the suspect kept coming. As the suspect got into the light, he could see that he no longer had a weapon in his hand, but he was still advancing on the officer, so he brought his gun in close, grabbing the barrel as taught, and stopped kicked the suspect, as the suspect was stumbling backwards, and going down, the officer holstered and advanced on him, placing (I’m not sure which move yet) on the subject, and he started begging to be arrested. Their Chief talked with the officer and he felt by the suspect’s expression that he was totally shocked by the moves that he instantly gave up. When the Chief asked the officer what he thought he would had done if this had happened before he started Arrestling, he stated he had already ran that through his head, and he would had definitely shot the suspect, or been in a wrestling match with his weapon out.

Trooper Brent Dell

Okanogan County Arrestling Group Leader

This is why we have Free Arrestling Training Groups. Keep up the good work!
Sergeant Don Gulla, Arrestling Founder

The more you SWEAT in here, the less you BLEED out there.