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I believe your course is leading the way “Cutting Edge” in its field. I was impressed with the curriculum and how you and your staff presented it. This course will save lives. I will implement part of the training I received into my BLEA instruction. Thanks again and I will highly recommend this course.

Officer Richard Peterson

Defensive Tactics Instructor, Basic Law Enforcement Academy

Course Description

This is a train the trainer course for Defensive Tactics and Firearms Instructors. Firearms Training is on the Range and DT is in the gym and never shall the two mix. This leaves a big gap in training for real world encounters and a problem area for many instructors. This course is designed to bridge the gap between Defensive Tactics and Firearms Instructors. Trainers will be able to incorporate the following areas into In-service or Academic Training: Weapon Retention, Braced Contact, Extreme Close Quarters Shooting, Shooting from the Ground, Counter Striking to Shooting Position, Attack Triangle/Passing Off Line, threat recognition and Training Drills.

Course Length: 3 Days 24 hours

Cost: $300 per student (Min of 16 students) plus travel and lodging

Instructors: Don Gulla is 12 year SWAT Veteran, a Level I, Advanced handgun and Shotgun Instructor. Other instructors are Firearms and Arrestling Instructor(s) who are also Master Defensive Tactics Instructors certified by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center.

Contact Person: Sgt Don Gulla Click to email