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Advanced Crisis Intervention Training


his two-day course combines the best from CIT Training: Edgework and Arrestling Force Options.

This dynamic class is a fast paced classroom, mock scenarios and hands-on force options. Students will see examples of Mental Illness, Types of Anger/Rage, De-escalation Tactics combined with Hands-on Techniques and Tactics.

Course length: Two 8-hour days


Ellis Amdur has been one of the highest rated and recognized CIT Instructors Nationwide. Owner of Edgework and since 1993, a pioneering trainer focusing on “boots on the ground” tactical verbal de-escalation for law enforcement throughout the country.

Sgt Don Gulla – Arrestling Founder. 
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Equipment Needs

All students are required to bring:

  1. Duty belt with belt keepers
  2. Gun holster
  3. Taser holster if carried
  4. Civilian type shirt/jacket to wear when concealing weapons in waistline

Optional equipment

  • mock duty weapon ONLY if carry something other than a Glock
  • mat shoes
  • knee pads
  • mouth piece
  • light duty gloves