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Bank Robbery Awareness & Prevention Training

Class Description

Session will consist of training in situational employee awareness and how it relates to the banking industry. Students will be educated on how awareness is a direct component of prevention , and how prevention can be increased through improved customer service techniques. They will review video reenacted robberies, and discuss their roles and responsibilities and how they relate to established banking policies. Attendees will hear directly from a Bank Robber, who will explain why certain banks and specific employees are targeted based on appeal. Class is designed to keep employees physically and mentally healthy by educating them on what to expect before, during and after a robbery and how their experience relates to Critical Incident Stress.

Fraud Education and Prevention

Class Description

Based on 20 years of in-depth state and federal investigations/prosecutions, suspect interviews and current trends. Will cover basic education and awareness on crimes, case study discussions, as well as prevention tips for customers/employees.

Crimes that will be discussed: elderly fraud, ID theft, evil customers, stolen items, counterfeit items, credit card fraud and advances, new account fraud, account diversion/ take-overs, and loan-wire fraud.

Topics Covered

  • How fraud information is obtained
  • Internal Security (physical and employee issues)
  • Hiring and turnover issues
  • Document education

Training Hours

  • Awareness 4 hours
  • Robbery Procedures 2 hours
  • Takeover Robberies 1 hour
  • Critical Incident Stress 2 or 4 hours
  • Identity Theft 2 hours

  • System weaknesses
  • Social engineering
  • Internet scams (phish and pharm)
  • Flaws in outside systems

  • Opening procedures 2 hours
  • Interview with a Bank Robber 2 hours
  • Mock Robbery Scenario Training 4 or 8 hours
  • Fraud and Current Trends 5 hours
  • Hostage Survival 2 hours

History of Bank A.P.E.

BankAPE was formed when one of our nation’s leading banks challenged us to come up with a Bank Robbery Training Program that was unlike any other that currently existed. It needed to be comprehensive and contemporary and deal with the increasing number of robberies their branches were realizing nationwide. The violence level within these robberies was also on the rise, thereby placing their employees and customers at greater risk of both physical and mental harm. Their goal was simple, develop a program that would increase safety for their employees and customers and reduce the number of robberies.

BankAPE spent the next year on research and development, studying bank policies and procedures and gathering information from law enforcement, bank employees and convicted bank robbers. We built our unique training program, exceeding the expectations given us, and knew that all bank employees nationwide, line staff and non-line staff alike would appreciate this new and improved approach to robbery training. After initiating a pilot training project in the Pacific Northwest, we have traveled throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Ohio, New York, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Utah, training in excess of 3500 bank employees, the results were positively overwhelming with evaluation comments such as:

“Your training yesterday was extremely valuable! I just cannot tell you how important it was. You put a different spin on the content and completely held every bit of my attention for four hours. When are you coming back to Colorado Springs again? I have been in banking for longer that I like to admit and your class was the best I have been to since I was a teller 25 years ago. You had my attention from the moment I sat down. I can’t wait for my coworkers to sit in on your class. I can’t wait to tell our president all about the class. So often we stress to our employees how important it is to deliver good customer service and cross sell products and to balance accurately, etc, etc, etc. Your class brought everything back into focus for me. Thanks!”

MBS, Senior Vice President

“I attended the bank security and robbery preparedness training provided by BankApe last year. It was the best training I’ve seen in many years regarding this topic. The session was comprehensive, informative and entertaining. It’s nearly a year later, and I still remember much of the presentation due to how well the information was delivered by two energetic presenters that are well-versed in bank security. I would encourage anyone with bank security responsibility at your financial institution to consider attending this upcoming session. I know I’ll plan to attend again and I’ll be asking others at my bank to join me.”

Randy Burrack
Senior Vice President—Operations
First National Bank of Colorado

We are now able to offer this training to the rest of the National Banking Community. Please contact us for scheduling and pricing arrangements or for general questions regarding our training programs. References on request.

Contact / Scheduling Information:
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