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Advanced Weapon Retention Instructor Course 

Restricted to Law Enforcement Only


This is by far one of the most comprehensive Weapon Retention Instructor Courses offered worldwide.

This is a intensive 3 day course that will cover weapon retention and gun disarming and the most unique gun retention technique in the world, G – W.R.A.P.S. Can you maintain control of your duty weapon with the suspect behind grabbing onto your gun, you will after this course ! This course teaches you how to maintain control of your firearm in your holster, in your hand, on the ground and from the most difficult positions, such as the gang bangers “rear attack takedown.”

You practice against someone who is really trying to take your gun. You’ll learn how to shoot in grappling range and keep the suspect from grabbing you gun. The braced contact position allows you to shoot, throw elbows, cycle the weapon and shoot again even if the suspect has both hands on your gun. These technique have been tested both in training and proven on the street in life and death situations. Student will use NLT SIRT Training Pistol and RBT Blank Training Rounds.

Course length: Three 8-hour days
Times: 0800-1600 hrs.
Cost: $300 per student

Instructors: Don Gulla and Arrestling Instructor(s) who are also Master Defensive Tactics Instructors certified by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center

Email Sgt Don Gulla or call 206-396-7040.

Course includes Arrestling Advanced Weapon Retention Vol II. Instructor Training Manual