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Arrestling Coach Level

  • Instructor Level/Train the Trainer Course
  • Certification for Advanced Weapon Retention Instructor and
  • Certification for Advanced Ground Survival Instructor
  • Academy and Yearly In-Service Design
  • Tactics adopted by Gracie Ground Survival 

Advanced Weapon Retention Instructor Course

  • Intensive 2 day course
  • Practice against someone who is really trying to take your gun
  • Students use NLT SIRT Training Pistol and RBT Blank Training Rounds
  • Tactics adopted by Gracie Ground Surviva

G-W.R.A.P.S.™ Gulla’s Weapon Retention And Positional Shooting

  • Allows officer to keep weapon out while deciding what level of force is necessary
  • Protect against punches and disabling head strikes
  • Use offence, not just defense, to protect weapon
  • Tactics adopted by Gracie Ground Survival 

V.E.S.T. Violent Encounter Survival Training

  • Certificate/credit for Course #0453
  • Three day-course concentrating on mental and physical survival
  • Surviving Violent Encounter around Motor Vehicles

Advanced Ground Survival Instructor

  • Pressure Tested Police Ground Tactics
  • 10 years ahead Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu  
  • Tactics adopted by Gracie Ground Survival 
  • NOT sport submission training
  • Incorporates duty weapon into many training drills

Patrol Carry Knife Courses

  • Patrol Carry Knife User Course
  • Patrol Carry Knife Instructor Course
  • Knife Carry S.O.P.s
  • Defensive Tactics with the knife and empty hands

U.F.O. United Force Options™

  • Trainer course for Defensive Tactics and Firearms Instructors
  • Firearms Training on the range – Defensive Tactics in the gym
  • Bridge the gap between Defensive Tactics and Firearms Instructors

Tactical Control Options™

  • Team Tactics
  • Weapon Control and Retention
  • Less Lethal Weapons Options

Active Shooter Training

  • Civilian Active Shooter Survival
  • Workplace, Business, Church, Hospital
  • First Responder Active Shooter Training

Advanced Crisis Intervention Training

  • Advanced CIT -Tactics
  • Full Spectrum Force Options
  • Be Prepared Not Paranoid !

911 A.P.E. – Real World Employee Safety Training

  • Tactical Communications
  • Awareness Radar™
  • Physical Self Protection Training

Crisis Safety Training for Social Services, Church and Business

  • Awareness Prevention Education
  • Social Interaction Tactics
  • De-escalating Potentially Aggressive Individuals
  • Escape, Evasion and Self Protection Tactics

Correctional Training: Confined Space Survival

  • Attack Triangle
  • Survival Triangle
  • Positives and negatives of being in a Confined Space

Bank Robbery Awareness & Prevention Training

  • Situational employee awareness
  • Awareness as a direct component of prevention
  • What to expect before, during and after a robbery