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Sgt Gulla’s Axe Throwing Clubs Reviews

For over 40 years Sgt Don Gulla has been throwing knives, shurikens (throwing stars), axes, screwdrivers, bayonets and whatever can be thrown as a weapon. With Axe Throwing Clubs becoming popular worldwide he’s decided to visit as many of these locations and provide a review. Even universities are forming Axe Throwing Clubs.

#TheAxeHouseSTL – St Louis MO

4.5 out of 5 Axes

This placed was packed! Great selection of throwing weapons. Boards were pretty torn up because of all the throwers. You can bring your own food and beverages to this location. Great place for team building. Standard hatchets and ability to upgrade to premium throwers you can rotate and try.


Sgt Gulla throwing 4 Ak-47 Bayonets at one time and 2 Axes.